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Who’s Ted?

You can call me anything—except late for supper.

As the cook of the neighborhood, Ted Neal was known around town as the friendly cook who invited everyone into his home to enjoy a meal. Growing up in a large family during the Great Depression, there were days when they had to skip meals. So when the war was over years later, Ted embraced the greater availability of food, offering family, friends and neighbors a warm meal to enjoy together.


Ted raised his sons, Mark and Ty, in Huntington, West Virginia. He planted a large garden in a small city so he could use fresh ingredients in his recipes and keep the neighborhood chock-full of produce. With a pot of chili, beef stew, or rustic soup regularly simmering on the stove, he was always ready to serve a meal to guests. Whether it was door-to-door salesmen, mail carriers, or neighbors, you could bet that Ted would ask, “Whad’ya have for lunch?”

Ted deemed food the great equalizer and was always serving classics to the whole neighborhood. Every meal was an opportunity for togetherness.

Just like years ago in Ted’s home, there’s always a pot of hot tomato soup on the stove and a grilled cheese waiting to be served at Ted’s Bulletin.

Family Values

To honor their father, who never did get into the restaurant business, his sons opened Ted’s Bulletin. Mark and Ty wanted to bring that hometown feel Ted established in West Virginia to D.C. And while decades have come and gone, this classic American restaurant maintains the same family values Ted cherished in his own home: a place to welcome others and connect over food.